Requested by anonymous to post the outfit of my profile picture.

Prada sunglasses; Topshop earrings; UO shirt & shorts; TOMS shoes; H&M bag; JewelMint rings; Colin’s bracelet

January 12th, 2012 , 19 notes

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    Cute outfit!
  2. mh-r said: you have no idea how jealous i am that you get to wear shorts…
  3. momo-nicat said: love!
  4. petit-patissier said: classy.
  5. cuhristinee said: i love your sheer blouse! so chic :)
  6. myneighborthedarkness said: LAST ONE NOT A NECESSARY PRODUCT. ACHEM.
  7. adastravici said: what a fashionista~ haha i love it!
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